Shooting in Manual Mode

After shooting automatic mode for a while you begin to wonder about the inner workings and settings of your camera. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how you can utilise your DSLR to its full potential and shoot some truly amazing, well composed images.

Today we’d like to present the “Manual Photography Cheat Sheet-Reloaded” by The London School of Photography. This infographic is a clean, simple and efficient way of showing amateur photographers how to set up their game from auto to manual shooting mode. Not only will this result in stunning photography, but you’ll gain a higher understanding of how your camera settings work in synergy with one another.

Whilst the terms ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed might raise some confused eyebrows – be rest assured that the diagrams and simplistic explanations will take you every step of the way. We thoroughly believe in the art of experimentation and using the technical knowledge explained in this infographic will aid in defining your own photographic style.

Without further ado – here is the manual photography cheat sheet complete with tips, tricks and our golden rules:


Shooting in Manual Mode


 Antonio Leanza owns the London School of Photography in England, UK. He is a photographic artist, coach and teacher with much experience in past lecturing roles at LCC for over ten years and for Ilford Film across the UK. He has a unique approach to teaching and mainly focuses on a students’ creative journey and helping them realize their aspirations in the photographic world.

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