Today’s Milestone Monday session, styled and photographed by AzadehDs Photography , is full of inspiration. An adorable “Smash and Splash” style cake smash session followed up by some beautiful family photos outside. Take a look . . .

What We Love: 

Azadeh: The session had two sections of indoor for cake smash & bubble bath section, and outdoor for the family photos. What I love about the session was the chance Sabrina’s mom gave me to create something new. She chose the colors and I designed the theme for both cake smash and bubble bath. Also, many thanks to Christine for her beautiful butterfly paper decorations.

Lisa and Rachel: What a fun and adorable first birthday photo session! We always love a “smash and splash” session and we love that this particular one was followed up by a family photo session outside. The colors of this session are beautiful and we love the butterfly backdrop. Although this session has three separate elements to it, they all tie together nicely because of the consistency in styling and colors.  Best of all, Azadeh captured such adorable expressions and so much of Sabrina’s personality in these images. Thanks so much for sharing this session with us! It’s full of inspiration!

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Toronto, Canada

Paper Butterflies: TUTUzy 

Azadeh is a Lifestyle Portrait Photographer in Toronto.

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