This beautiful mama Jill is expecting her first baby this summer with her military husband. They currently live in D.C. where she owns her own sugar cookie decorating business called Pretty Little Sugar Cookies.
When Jill first contacted me, I knew the D.C. cherry blossoms would be perfect. They make for a gorgeous background for a maternity shoot. Cherry blossoms are soft and feminine, and they complemented the romantic look of her lace and tulle dresses nicely.

These photos were taken during the peak of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and it can be tricky to get the location you want without getting any of the thousands of other festival visitors in the background of your photos.

I have a few recommendations if you want to shoot in a high traffic location like that:

6 Tips for Shooting in A High Traffic Area:

1. If you are looking to hire someone, hire a photographer with experience.  If you are shooting it yourself, know all the rules and restrictions for permits or licensing at the location.

2. Look for angles and spots where traffic won’t be moving behind your subject. Find a corner or a place slightly off the beaten path.

3. Shoot/attend the event first thing in the morning so there are fewer people around.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask people to wait a minute while you quickly take the shot – ultimately, asking people up front will save you from a lot of photoshop work later on.

5. Know the look you’re going for. For some sessions, you don’t want any distractions in the photographs, while for others -such as a farmer’s market shoot – having additional people and “distractions” actually can add to the image.

6. Be brave and experiment – it takes time to know what works and what doesn’t and you’ll never know until you try.

Location:  5 p.m. in Washington D.C.
Gear: They were taken with a Canon 6D using the Canon 135 mm f2, Sigma 50 mm 1.2 and  lenses.

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