High summer temps (especially here in the Southwest!) can be tricky and can sometimes make for a significantly slower photography season. Without careful planning, the summer heat can turn those sweet sessions, well . . . sour. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In addition to being strategic about when and where you schedule your photo sessions, there are some great products out there that can help keep you and your clients cool during a summer photo sess. We’ve dedicated today’s Resourceful Wednesday post to ways that you can beat the heat and stay cool during your summer photo shoots!

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5 Ways to Stay Cool on Your Summer Photo Shoots

LESHP Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan

These misting fans really work! Rachel’s son plays baseball in the sweltering heat of the Arizona summers and the coaches keep these in the dugouts to keep the kids cool and refreshed!  An awesome product! 

Stay cool during your summer photo sessions with this usb misting fan

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A MUST-HAVE in the summer! We can leave this water bottle in our cars in 120 degree heat and the water is STILL ice cold hours later! Staying hydrated in the summer is so important no matter where you live. We never go on a photoshoot without water! Maybe even bring an extra bottle of cold water in case your clients forget to bring theirs. They’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture and you’ll help keep them safe in the heat. 
stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat with this insulated water bottle

Froggtoggs Chilly Pad Super Cooling Towel

Seriously awesome. HIGHLY recommend!

Cooling Towel to help you stay cool during summer photo shoot

Facial Spray Mineral Water Travel Size

These are great in any season! Not only do they help keep you and your clients cool and refreshed, they help set your makeup too so they’re perfect for a photoshoot, indoor or out, whatever the weather. 


Stay Cool on Your Summer Photo Shoot with this refreshing facial spray

Photographer’s Favorite Things Tank Top 

What better way to rock your love for photography and the photography community and, let’s be honest — your need for caffeine, especially when you’ve scheduled an early morning shoot so you can avoid the direct sun and high temps! —  than with this super adorable “Photographer’s Favorite Things” tank! Stay cool and make a statement about the three things you can’t live without! Camera, Coffee, Community! 

stay cool on your summer photo shoots in this Photographer's Favorite Things tank top

Which products are you gonna try out to help you stay cool on  your next summer photo shoot? Do you have any other tricks for helping yourself and your clients stay cool in the summer sun? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Lisa & Rachel