And have we got a Fresh, Spring Cake Smash Party for you!

Chelsey Crouse Photography sent us this gorgeous Spring Cake Smash Session along with some of her best Cake Smash Session Tips! This post is so chock-full of beautiful imagery and super useful info and inspiration for your next cake smash session; it’s not to be missed! Take a look . . .

Chelsey:  Well hello spring! With all the rain in So Cal this year the wildflowers have been UNREAL and I have been taking advantage! When the Ung family came to visit from Georgia I knew they were going to be game. Cake, flower crowns, wildflowers, a baby… does it get any better? I think not!

When it comes to milestone sessions, it can be divided into two categories. Props and no props. I love no props because you really focus in on the baby and the location, but I really love props because you have the opportunity to be creative and do something different. My balloon basket is always a hit and we clearly nailed it here, but I had never used giant numbers in separate images to put together as one. How fun is this? Imagine these blown up next to each other individually framed on babies wall? Adorable!

And after the props… comes the cake! It always fun when baby really dives into the cake during a smash, but I don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen. Here baby just wanted to give it a little try and thats ok! I have never come across a baby with cake on their face that I didn’t love! Sometimes mom and dad can get discouraged too if baby isn’t diving in and flashing their million dollar smile, but don’t fret! Some of my favorite images are not baby looking at the camera and smiling, covered in cake. Some of my favorites are when she has just a little on her nose and is giving me the most innocent look. Moral of the story, just capture the moment.. whatever it is. More than likely you will love what you get!

With that said, I do have some tips on picking the right cake for smashing:

1. No fondant – close to impossible for baby to get into.

2. No chocolate or red velvet – red and brown can look like something other than cake when smeared on the face.

3. 6 inch is perfect, big enough to make a presence in the image, but not big enough to take over the baby.

4. Consider where baby will be so that they have good range to reach the cake. Don’t get a super tall cake stand and sit baby on the ground trying to reach for it. And if you do use a cake stand it is likely to come down at some point, so don’t use grandmas vintage ceramic beauty!

5. This one I learned the hard way at this very session. Take the cake out of the fridge the morning of the shoot. A super cold hard cake is not easy to get itty bitty fingers in!

Gear used: I used my 50mm and my 35mm here. I would have likely used my 50mm the whole time because well… the 50mm is what dreams are made of, but when we got to the cake and I saw that beautiful warm sun behind her I knew I had to whip out my 35mm. I needed more room in the frame to get baby and that light in. WORTH IT!

One last tip: I like to get all the way on the ground for smash cakes. This makes the tiny baby and cake look larger than life. It makes the images feel like you are there… and there is cake coming at you at any second!

What We Love:

Lisa and Rachel: First of all, we LOVE when we get a submission from Chelsey because she knocks it out of the park every time. Not only are her images beautiful and thoughtfully executed, but her submissions are always full of information and useful tips for our readers, whether they are fellow photographers or parents looking for the inside scoop on how to prepare for a session. We also love that Chelsey puts so much thought into her sessions and even thinks about how the images she captures will be utilized by her families. We are willing to bet that makes for super happy clients.  And we haven’t even talked about these images yet! OMG, we are in LOVE! The delicious light, that gorgeous cake, the perfectly chosen and coordinated props, outfit and flower crown; the SUPER delicious, sweet little one year old baby girl! We are head over heels for it all! And we adore the variety of expressions Chelsey captured in this session. As always Chelsey, THANK YOU for sharing your time and talent with all of us and with your lucky families!



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