How to Create a Maternity Milk Bath

Maternity milk bath photography is all the rage at the moment.   The white color of the milk really makes the subject pop and it also creates that ethereal effect to the images. Being in water is one of the most comfortable feelings when you are pregnant and being able to capture the baby bump with a milk bath session is one of the most stylish ways to go about it! You can keep these sessions simple and clean by choosing more reserved, pastel colors and outfits or you can make them as colorful and vibrant as you want. This Resource Wednesday post from Olga Kubrak, a valued Life + Lens Blog directory and community member,  is filled with resources and tips on executing a successful maternity milk bath.  She has also shared this example of a  gorgeous milk bath maternity photography session of her own with us.

The Session

Kelley is pregnant with her second baby boy. I had the joy of documenting their family long before they were expecting, so when they asked me to document their gender reveal I was beyond thrilled for them! Aside from the gender reveal we did two maternity sessions with Kelley, a styled woodsy themed session with a gorgeous plum gown and floral crown and this milk bath session in the comfort of  her home. Kelley is a designer by profession so she always approaches her sessions with lots of care and puts a lot of thought into her wardrobe, colors and surroundings. She is simply a photographer’s dream! She is also is a stunning mama and pregnancy suits her beautifully – she is just the perfect model!


Camera: Nikon D610

Lens: 35mm 1.4 Sigma Lens

Flowers: RC Flowers, San Marcos, CA

Location: Oceanside, San Diego North County, CA

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What You Will Need:

For this particular photoshoot, we opted for a clean natural look, with bright blooms that popped against the solid-white liquid and the fresh greenery added an organic touch. Surprisingly, maternity milk baths are very easy to style and execute. If you plan to shoot a similar session this is what you will need:

1. A large tub that gets plenty of natural light
2. A lacy gown or similar soft fabric that would complement the look
3. A variety of leafy greens such as ferns and eucalyptus leaves
4. Additional flowers for a pop of color and baby breath for that soft look
5. Powder milk and starch
6. Flower crown or additional flowers to decorate the tub

Steps to Create a Maternity Milk Bath

First: Begin by filling the tub with water about half way, the temperature of the water can be a little warmer than you are used to because the client will spend about 30 minutes in it and should not be cold at the end of the session.

Next: Dissolve powder milk and starch, adding small amounts each time. The amounts you use are completely up to you, it all depends on how milky and murky or thick you would like your water to look.

Continue by placing the extra blooms and greens around the tub to complete the look.

Then: Very carefully and with a lot of assistance, place your model in the tub and make sure she is comfortable. It is best to place the blooms and greens in the water after the model is already in it to prevent them from sinking as she gets into the tub. Having set all of this up, begin shooting all the different angles that come to mind. Focus on the details such as any particular flowers that float close to her bump or the way her hands embrace her belly. With a lot of caution a step ladder can be used to get that “above” shot. Last but not least always be there to help your momma out of the tub, safety always comes first!

There are so many ways to have fun with this session! To mix things up, try adding color to your water or using petals instead of full blooms! There are endless possibilities!  Milk baths would also be amazing for boudoir sessions!


About Olga Kubrak:guest blogger Olga Kubrak

Olga Kubrak is a natural light photographer in San Diego, California; specializing in newborns, children and families. She particularly enjoys photographing children and gets all of her patience and love for pretend play from her sweet 4 year old daughter. If Olga is not behind the camera or the monitor editing, then it is likely that she is snacking and sipping wine to yet another addictive Netflix series.

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