We recently started a new “getting to know you” series on our Instagram and one of our first questions was “What advice would you give a new photographer?” We got so many great responses  from our awesome community that we just had to make it into a post on the blog. No matter how seasoned you are, we are willing to be some you will find some great tips or inspiration here.

Advice for New Photographers | Life + Lens Blog Community Post

summerhopephotography  Value yourself and your work!

picturesitake.com  The more you shoot the more you learn.

chelsiecannonphotography Shoot, shoot, shoot! Shoot in different settings, different light, with different lenses if you can. And really try to learn photoshop. There’s always more to learn, but getting a good book/tutorial is so helpful.

lentillephotography Don’t follow what everyone else is doing! Shoot what makes you happy, value your work, hustle, and make the business part a priority. Invest in education, but make sure whatever you do is worth it! Also, don’t open your doors too early; give yourself time to build a brand and skills.

ifyouwereachild Create your own actions/presets that will set you apart from other photographers.

shanagram_tx Work under someone else first!

olgakubrakphotography Find yourself a mentor or a teacher! Ask to assist other photographers and don’t be put off by working for free at first! Invest in lessons, courses and books! Photography is a business like any other; you need to have the core basic knowledge if you want to succeed. Not everything can be self taught.

jenwertmanphotos There’s always more to learn!

beyouimages Don’t start charging until you are ready to charge a premium and have created a brand you are happy with. It is veryyyyyy difficult to raise your prices.

freshlightphotography Spend less on gear/workshops/actions/templates and more on learning business.

gary_rawls Have patience with yourself by not rushing yourself, or comparing your work to everybody else’s. Realize you have to start somewhere, and everyone started at a humble beginning point. Stay humble, love people, find your passion and stick to it. Be resourceful instead of spending lots of money just to run with the “big dogs”. Be true to who you are!

prallphoto Your business is more than your images. Customer experience and service are equally important. The first communication with a customer is just as important as the product you are offering. I never realized how much my management degree would pay off – finding some helpful business resources will go a LONG way!

gretchenfawnphoto Be nice but don’t be stupid. It’s still a way of making money!

sweetbeginningsportraits Take workshops with others that make your heart sing whether in person or online!

leslieleavittphotography Don’t give up! And try to always be a little better than you were last year

got2bmephotos Don’t try to be like anyone else. Create a brand that is all your own and a quality customer experience that will help you grow a loyal client base. Find a mentor. It nice having a friend in the industry and someone to guide you along in your journey. Workshops are wonderful too. Most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!

caitlin_a_photo Form relationships with the people you come to know. Photo sessions will be so fun with them and they will help you learn and be patient as you continue to develop yourself into the best photographer you can be. Also network…Find another photographer who wants to learn with you…two is better than one 😊 

Such great advice! Do you agree or disagree? Do you have something to add?  Leave a comment below!

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