March of Dimes LogoNovember is Prematurity Awareness Month and in honor of that, we have a super special Resourceful Wednesday post for you today. We have partnered with an amazing guest blogger and friend – Nadine Bubeck of Mama B. Designs – to help her in her quest to spread prematurity awareness in style! We hope that you will take the time to read Nadine’s story, visit her store and purchase some items from her fabulous line of clothing. A substantial 50% of each item sold goes directly to March of Dimes.

Nadine’s Story: 

Why I’m Stylishly Spreading Prematurity Awareness
Guest Post By: Nadine Bubeck, Owner, Mama B. Designs

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At 20 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa. My gynecologist informed me I would likely endure multiple bleeding episodes, be put on hospitalized bed rest, and birth a premature baby, all of which happened. My first born arrived six weeks early, at four pounds eleven ounces. (This, after my third-and final- horrific bleeding episode.) But he came into the world a total fighter, living up to his name: Nicholas, meaning victorious.



Nicholas spent seven nights in the NICU, or should I say WE spent seven nights in the NICU- as I didn’t leave his side. Luckily, our little man powered through, and our NICU stay was short. Our story doesn’t compare to the many preemie stories I have heard. My baby’s life wasn’t at risk- I could hold him, and he was healthy. With that being said, it was still an emotionally overwhelming, life-changing undertaking.

I was overcome with the magnitude of motherhood, and the gift of children has taught me perspective, patience, and unconditional love. Nicholas is now a thriving three year old and big brother to Zachary. My boys are my world, and I want to make them proud.

Spreading Prematurity Awareness in Style | Nadine Bubeck, Mama B. Designs Spreading Prematurity Awareness in Style | Nadine Bubeck, Mama B. Designs

Ever since having kids, I surrendered my former career as a TV News Anchor to be more present at home, while still honoring my entrepreneurial spirit. There’s been a fire burning inside me to give back, and finally, I have found a passion that fulfills me both personally and professionally.

I launched Mama B. Designs, an online boutique, to offer parents and kids cool, comfortable and inspirational attire. And I have since teamed up with March of Dimes, making it Mama B.’s mission to stylishly spread prematurity awareness.

I am so incredibly thrilled to officially partner Mama B. Designs with March of Dimes, a foundation determined to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. March of Dimes serves as a resource for families, funds essential prematurity research, and holds hundreds of annual events uniting parents of preemies nationwide. Premature birth is the #1 killer in babies. It is a beautiful organization, and one that speaks to my heart.

Our Mama B. Miracle Line offers an array of fashionable apparel for men, women, babies and youth. A substantial 50% of each item sold goes directly to March of Dimes. It’s simple: buy a shirt, believe in miracles.

The Mama B. Miracle Line features original designs anyone will love. We have shirts that say: Miracles Happen, Believe in Miracles, Mama’s Miracle and more. We plan on releasing new designs, colors combos and styles on a seasonal basis.

Mama B. Designs

Many people ask- what’s my inspiration? Well, my boys, of course. I want to make them proud. I want to instil in them the drive to pursue their dreams. I want to lead by example; that mama can “mother” as well as run a business.

When Nicholas was born, he was skin and bones. I thought I would break him. And four pounds isn’t even “small” considering many premature babies are born weighing less…much less. Clothes I had bought him didn’t fit. The pregnancy and birth story I had anticipated was less than perfect. Nothing went “as planned,” and his exciting arrival was also accompanied with concern- was he healthy? Was he eating enough? When could we go home?

With that being said, even a bumpy journey can be a beautiful experience. And it was beautiful. It was the most beautiful experience of my life.

The NICU was an amazing blessing in disguise. The nurses were incredible, and they taught us so much about having a newborn.

Since launching our partnership with March of Dimes, I have been contacted by people who have birthed babies at 25 weeks- and I have also been contacted by people who have lost babies born too soon. It’s these stories that make me count my blessings even more. It’s these stories that remind me- the things you take for granted…someone else is praying for.

What do I hope people realize about prematurity? That miracles happen. That all children are miracles. Pregnancy, birth, and the beauty of life are miracles. To be thankful for the gift of life. And to find a passion and pay it forward.

Thank you for checking out Mama B. Designs. I appreciate your support.

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