“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weedn

We love celebrating families on Life + Lens Blog – it’s a big reason why we started this blog — and we love that we receive so many beautiful stories of how families come together. This one is no exception. When we received this beautiful newborn photo session photographed by Leanne Vice Photography and read this touching story about her friend Mellisa’s journey through infertility and embryo adoption, we knew we had to share it here on the blog. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

What we Love:

Leanne: This is my friend Mellisa and her adorable baby boy, Jack Henry. Their family went through so much to get Jack here. Mellisa has always been so brave and open about her struggles with infertility and that is something I admire so much about her!

From Mellisa:”Both of our children were conceived thru in-vitro fertilization. Our seven year old is biologically ours, but Jack Henry is an adopted embryo. We found out with further testing (while trying to add to our family) that scientifically speaking, our oldest shouldn’t be here. My eggs were never viable, and science can’t explain her. Although adoption was always something we were interested in, the desire to be pregnant was still so strong for me. So, we spoke with our doctors, and decided to adopt an embryo. Jack Henry was created from two amazing strangers, who selflessly donated so that we could grow our family. Although Jack is adopted, I was able to have the amazing experience of growing him inside my womb. What an incredible blessing. I felt him move, I heard his heart beat, and watched him grow.”

I love their story and was privileged and honored to capture his time as a newborn.

Rachel and Lisa: First of all, we just want to say how much we admire and appreciate Mellisa sharing her story. It is so important to share our experiences with others so that they — and we — can feel less alone and know that we have support. We love this story of family and the courage and love of everyone involved in baby Jack Henry’s arrival. We can only begin to imagine how grateful Mellisa must be to have a friend like Leanne to take such beautiful photos of her newborn baby boy and of the love between mother and son. We just melt over the image of Jack Henry in the knit cap and muslin wrap and we can completely feel the love in the images of Melissa holding her sweet baby boy.  We also LOVE that Leanne used a variety of cameras, lenses and even film to capture these timeless family photographs.  Leanne, these images – especially when coupled with this family’s story — are soul stirring and just simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with Life + Lens.

Gear Used:

Digital Camera: Canon 5d mk ii + 50L,

Film Camera: Canon Rebel G 35mm,

Medium Format Camera: Pentax 645N+75FA

Film: Fuji 400h

Location: Nashville

Leanne_Vice_Photography-4 Leanne_Vice_Photography-6 Leanne_Vice_Photography-5 Leanne_Vice_Photography-7 Leanne_Vice_Photography-8 Leanne_Vice_Photography-2 Leanne_Vice_Photography-3 Leanne_Vice_Photography-10 Leanne_Vice_Photography-9


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