The sunflower is mine, in a way. – Vincent Van Gogh

With this childhood sunflower session, Erin of Erin Morrison Photography has made the sunflower hers, in a way.

What We Love:

Erin: This is my daughter Ella (and husband James) in the sunflower fields at The Forks in the River in Knoxville. I am a family and wedding photographer from Knoxville, TN, but I rarely get the time to take photos with my family. In fact, I scheduled this session with them in order to make it happen. I think that as mommy and daddy photographers, we feel a bit guilty when we go and do personal work, as though we are taking away something from our paying families and couples. Taking these photos reminds me that my family is just as important as any other family, and some of my all-time favorite photos of my daughter and husband are in this series.

Rachel and Lisa: Erin really hit a cord with us. As photographers, we are photographing for our job so much we often don’t have time, energy, or motivation to photograph our own families or events. She offered a great tip, “scheduling your own family sessions with yourself!” Or for that matter with a photographer colleague and work trades. Rachel and Lisa do this often, but maybe not often enough!!

That being said, how jealous are you that Erin has a sunflower field this accessible?!  Sunflowers are a favorite of ours and so this sunflower session caught our eye right away. Erin’s little girl has a ton of personality and stole our hearts, as we imagine she will steal yours.  Please enjoy! Thank you Erin for sharing this personal session with us here at Life + Lens Blog.

Gear: Canon 5d Mark III, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.8, and 135mm 2.0

Location: Knoxville, TN

sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower session sunflower

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