Flower Crowns are all the rage right now, but if you don’t want to settle for the SnapChat version we have the perfect guest post for you today for Resourceful Wednesday: Everything you need to know for DIY Flower Crowns! Very special thanks to My Little Posy – a boutique flower shop making beautiful artisanal bouquets right here in Scottsdale, Arizona for sharing all of their flower crown knowledge with us! Be sure to give them a follow by clicking the “Follow” button on their Instagram images below.

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Whether you’re searching for an activity that you can do with your little one, or just something to pass the time on your own, making a unique flower crown will take just a few minutes! We’re here to share our steps on making your own “posy halo”, using the fresh flowers and greens from one of our weekly arrangements! 

Step 1: Gather all of the posy halo essentials. This includes pruners, wire cutters, 20 gauge wire, floral tape and obviously some fresh flowers and greens! (The flowers can be yours to choose, but we happen to know a pretty cool local business that has a thing for making posies.)


Step 2: Measure and adjust the 20 gauge wire to your pretty head. It’s best to make the base of your crown a little bit larger than needed, because once we add the fresh flowers, your posy halo will fit perfectly!
Step 3: Once you’ve fit the 20 gauge wire around your head, secure three places with floral tape to close the crown. Make sure to pull the tape snug every time you wrap it around the wire; pulling on the tape makes it sticky, and the stickiness is what holds everything together!
Step 4: Trim the stems of your greens to 3.5 inches and secure with the floral tape. Keep stretching the tape as you’re wrapping it around to secure it to the crown, just like we did in Step 3. Add greens all around the crown, but leave some space for your colorful flowers!
Step 5: Now, you will also trim the stems of your flowers to 3.5 inches. Make some little bunches (we made what looks like five mini-posies) and secure each bunch with floral tape. Keep stretching that floral tape so that your posy halo stays together for as long as you need!
Step 6: Secure the little posy bunches in strategic spaces around the crown using the floral tape. Also give yourself a pat on the back, you’re almost done!
Step 7: Place the posy halo on your pretty little head and admire the work you’ve done. Now take some pictures and tag us on Instagram @my_little_posy using the hashtag #posyschool .

To learn more about our fresh posies (and to order one yourself or your BFF in Phoenix), head on over to our website and we’ll give you all the details! www.mylittleposy.com

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Thanks again, My Little Posy for sharing all of your Flower Crown knowledge with us! Do you have an area of expertise to share with the Life + Lens Blog community of photographers and families? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at submissions@lifeandlensblog.com.