Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom. – Harriette Hartigan

What We Love:

Stephanie: Chris and Angela are expecting a little girl to join their family and we could not be more excited. Chris and Angela got married in the Dominican Republic almost a year ago and they are one photogenic family. The morning of the photoshoot didn’t look promising as the rain was pounding down and wasn’t expected to stop. There was no going back though as Angela is due almost any day and we had to get some photos done, rain or not! We drove to Whistler and were turned away from our first location as the lake was closed to public access due to weather conditions and ski trails. Disappointed we figured we’d try one more spot and lucky us! The spot was fantastic. The rain was still falling but it wasn’t terrible and Chris and Angela (and Emery!) toughed it out. Angela looked like a character out of a fairytale and we couldn’t be happier with the results of the day.

Rachel and Lisa:  As we’ve mentioned before, we reside in sunny Arizona, so this winter maternity session was a real treat for us!  We oohed and awed over the pops of color from the yellow dress from Sew Trendy Accessories, the purple flowers, and Angela’s green hair against the gorgeous winter wonderland background. Angela does indeed look like a character out of a fairytale and we are so excited Stephanie shared this gorgeous session with Life + Lens Blog. It is truly a pleasure to see so many sessions from all around the world.

Dress: Etsy Shop – sewtrendyaccessories
Hair Wreath: Clare’s and then she added the flowers to it herself

Location: Rainbow Lake, Whistler, BC

Gear: Canon mark II and 85 1.2 lens

winter maternity session _MG_7846 2016-04-13_0001 _MG_8211 _MG_8416 _MG_8414 2016-04-13_0002 _MG_8090 2016-04-13_0003 _MG_7971 _MG_7917_MG_7858-Edit

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