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Have your cake (smash) and eat it too! For this week’s Resourceful Wednesday post, we turned to you – our community of talented and supportive photographers, parents, party planners and vendors – for your best tips on how to pull off the perfect cake smash session. It is always helpful to hear from one another about what has worked best. So here are some tried and true tips to help you — no matter what your role might be — in planning your next (or first!) perfect cake smash session!


Tips for the Perfect Cake Smash Session


• Jessica Lynn Studio : Use whip cream frosting, have the cake at room temp, and have a spoon ready to “help it along” if they are hesitant to dig in.

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Shelly Cantelo Photography :  “There is ‘cake smash icing’ and regular icing” so be sure to ask when ordering the cake. Shelly says it “makes a huge difference in the smearing effect!”

Liv Inspired Photography : Hide Cheerios or puffs in the frosting for those who aren’t as enthusiastic about it.

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Think she may have liked the cake…

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• Emma Staples Photography : Avoid red icing or brown cake … It can look like something else in the photographs! If the child is a little shy, or reluctant to to explore the cake, get the mum or dad to put a bit on their finger and then smudge a little on both theirs and the baby’s cheek. To start the giggles and the game play.

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Aprilmayjune Photography : Coach parents that the kiddo may not be a full-on smasher, but that you’ll get amazing images regardless! Have a sippy cup of water ready. That frosting can be crazy sweet!

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• September Blue Photography : For cleanup: dry papertowels FIRST, then wipes otherwise the wipes just smoosh it around more!

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Check out this FABULOUS “Behind the Scenes” video of a cake smash session with September Blue Photography:


• CJC Photography : Make sure the client has had the touch and feel and taste of a cake days or weeks before the session! Make sure the first time they touch the cake — no matter how little — you applaud and tell them “yay! good job!” After all that’s what you’re wanting them to do so let them know it’s okay to do it!


These are such great tips! Big thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and expertise with us on our Instagram and Facebook page. We know these tips will come in handy for anyone planning a cake smash session.

If you have any other tried and true tips, leave ’em in the comments below!

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