Have you ever wondered how you can get your photography work featured on a blog? It’s validating to have your work chosen for a full blog feature and it’s a wonderful opportunity to market your studio and to get a lot of extra eyes on your photography. But how do photography blogs choose who they feature? When I was younger, and trying to get into the blog/writing/photography industry, I would spend hours looking at the best freelance writing job boards and different freelance photography work, but no-one would take me. After I spent time polishing up my portfolio to show off when applying for jobs, I finally got my foot through the door. So the question is, what makes for a strong submission when sending your work to a blog?

Whether it’s a family and lifestyle photography blog like Life + Lens,  a wedding photography blog or any kind of blog that is looking for quality photographs, here are some tips to help you out. While the type of photography requested may be different from blog to blog, we think many (if not all) of these tips will help you get your photography featured on your favorite blog(s) and we KNOW that following these suggestions will help you get featured here on Life + Lens.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Photography Featured on a Blog:

1. (and we can’t stress this enough) Follow the Submission Instructions!!! 

Please oh please whatever you do, follow the blog’s submission instructions. Any blog that accepts submissions should have detailed submission instructions (ours are here.) These are not a list of suggestions or polite requests, they are what the editors NEED in order to put together a quality post from your work. Blog posts take quite a bit of time to put together. By following the instructions for proper sizing and naming of your files, the number of files to submit, the type of work and information being requested etc., you make it much, much easier (and more likely) for a blog to select and show off your work.


2. Give Good Backstory

Especially here at Life + Lens Blog we want to inspire families and other photographers. If there is an interesting story about this family that makes the session particularly special, let us know. Did you do something different at this session that got great or unexpected results from your subjects or your camera? Share it! Did you find a great resource/product that you used in the session? We want to know all about it!  Here are some great examples:



2a. along with what the above though – if you write about it in your submission story, be sure to include a photograph that relates. For example, if you share with us that you photographed the family baking cupcakes together, then don’t forget to include an image or two of that happening (and maybe a detail shot of the delicious cupcake! yum!)


3. Send Your Very Best 

4. Submit a Variety of Shots but Make Sure the Submission is Still Cohesive

This sounds kind of contradictory, we know… but sometimes we get a submission with beautiful images but too many are the same/too similar — the same or a similar pose; the same image just cropped differently or each image is telling the same part of the “story”– and it doesn’t leave us with enough options for a full feature. Variety is important; consistent editing style helps with the cohesiveness. So be sure to vary what you send including . . .


5. A Mix of Posed and Candid Shots (but make sure there are at least a few strong images where we can see eyes and faces) 

Don’t send all candid images and don’t send only posed images. It is the right mix of these two that really tell the whole story. We often choose a session because we are moved by how the combination of  the “in between” moments and the posed/composed shots show the emotion, connection, style and personality of both the family being photographed and the photographer.




6. If you’re submitting special event photography or a styled session or nursery/kids room  – send in LOTS of detail shots.

The more details the better. Our readers often visit to get inspiration for their next party, event, nursery design. . . and we LOVE to share those shoots for our Resourceful Wednesday posts. Provide links to sources and vendors whenever applicable – it makes for a really strong post. 





7. Include a  Strong Horizontal Image

Among your submitted images, include a strong horizontal image that can be used as header for a post. This may not be the case for other blogs, but for Life + Lens posts, we choose a “Featured Image” for the top of the blog post and it is formatted for a horizontal image. We prefer to choose an image that “sums up” the entire feature because this is the first image a reader sees when they come to our blog and it is also the image we use when we post the new blog entry on our Instagram feed. We get really excited when a submission includes one or more images that would make the perfect header image for a post.


8. If you have something unique, send it in! 

Whether it’s a session offering that is unique to your studio (smash and splash example) or a unique setting, story, or style of photography. . . Send it in! We are looking to be inspired and to inspire others and we love seeing new ideas or old ideas executed in a new way and we are willing to bet that lots of other blogs and readers out there are too!



9. Be a Cheerleader! 

If there is a blog that you have your heart set on being featured on, be sure to Support them on social media. We by no means intend to suggest that this guarantees you’ll be featured, but, honestly, it doesn’t hurt either and best of all, being supportive helps build community and increase followers and likes for your favorite blogs. Then, when you are featured, there are even more eyes on your beautiful work! 🙂

Also, often blogs send out requests over social media for specific types of work they are looking to feature; keeping tabs on their social media accounts will help you keep up with what they’re looking for. We, for example, have a monthly all-call for single image submissions with a certain monthly theme. We posts these all-calls each month on our Instagram feed and the monthly Special Editions we put together from these submissions are a great way to get your work featured without having to send in a full session.


10. Don’t Give Up!

Here’s another one we can’t stress enough – Keep trying! Submit more than once. Many times your submission isn’t chosen simply because it’s just too similar to what’s already recently been featured or it doesn’t quite fit with the mission of the blog or  for a number of other random reasons that have nothing to do with your abilities as a photographer. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid to submit more work.  And even if you’ve already been featured, don’t be shy about submitting again.


We hope this helps as you put together your submissions – whether for Life + Lens or for any of your favorite photography inspiration blogs out there. Questions? Comments about these tips? Leave us a note below to let us know.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Life, Lens + Love,

Lisa + Rachel

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