We love when you guys send in nursery design inspiration and this nursery is particularly sweet and thoughtful with lots of great DIY touches. We’ve included links to sources and related tutorials where applicable so be sure to click through.

Enjoy this tour of Photography by Mariah’s “The Giving Tree”-inspired nursery for her baby to be. . .

What we love:


This nursery dwells within my own humble home and waits for the arrival of our first son, Jericho Lee. As I grew larger and larger each month, I also continued to mentally draw pictures of just how I wanted our first child’s nursery to be–meaningful and calm amongst the chaos of everyday life. I began with my favorite book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, and then I stretched the idea even further by using Shel Silverstein and his literature itself as inspiration for the entire room. Being an English teacher myself, I knew that idea was the one. So, I bought canvases and stenciled my favorite quotes from Shel Silverstein, used pages from an original copy of The Giving Tree in old wooden windows, painted green anywhere I could, recovered a vintage family clothes hamper, and the DIY projects only grew from there. The Nursery Glider I chose especially to fit the room but I admit I had a bit of help choosing it, as I knew nothing about nursery gliders I went online to do some research and found Helpful Habitat, it’s a really good review site that gave me the do’s and don’ts when buying one. The final touch included my own teddy bear with a red bow tie, given to me by my late uncle, that I slept with every night until I was a teenager. We cannot wait to place the final touch within our crib–our new baby boy.

Lisa & Rachel:

First of all, we love that this photographer and mama-to-be captured her own nursery details and did such a beautiful job! What a great gift for your baby boy to have his room documented this way. We’re sure there will be many beautiful images of him as he grows up too! And of course we LOVE The Giving Tree — a beautiful book and great inspiration for nursery design. Mariah did a fantastic job incorporating elements of the book. We love the quote you chose that hangs over the rocker, and the color scheme that coordinates perfectly. Some of the best Shel Silverstein poems and quotes are sprinkled around this room. It’s obvious that this nursery was created with so much love and attention to detail as were these photos. Jericho Lee is a lucky baby boy!

IMG_2120 IMG_2126 IMG_2092 IMG_2110 IMG_2157 IMG_2135 life and lens_0375life and lens_0376IMG_2145


Nursery documented by Mariah Blankenship, owner of Photography by Mariah, using a Canon 6D and 35mm 1.4 lens.

Crib, changing table, and bookshelf purchased from IKEA.

Pistachio sheets and changing table cover from Babies R Us.

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

and more of Shel Silverstein’s wonderful books


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